Nathan hosted a small get-together during our visit.  Between the laughter and hysterical stories Nathan and I had a moment to exchange stories about friends and boundaries. 

I think Nathan and I share our want to help people.  He and I shared stories about long time friends who don’t respect our boundaries.  I found his story interesting as it mirrored my own.  We both have friends we try to help but who put us in difficult positions, asking us to place ourselves in financial or spiritual jeopardy and yet not understanding why we would say no. It was validating to hear him say that we have to do that, especially when our financial and spiritual well being is tied to our family’s well being. I know a lot of people would agree with Nathan, but it’s so hard when people you love don’t understand. 

I realize people attract others who mirror themselves. I realize my long time friend reflects who I was many years ago.  What I wonder is does the fact that we don’t see eye to eye on something as fundamental as personal boundaries mean that we’ve grown in different directions?

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