Creating means seeing the vision of what you want in your head long enough to make it real.  It means problem solving your way through the limitations of your media and pushing the limits of your own skills and abilities. 

Bottle.  Slip textured and soda fired.

This is the same process we use to deliberately create and recreate ourselves.  We hold in our head the vision of the person we want to be, becoming hyper-aware of our habits  and our ways of thinking, then retraining ourselves to suit our vision.  We problem solve our way through this retraining process as we think our way beyond our perceived physical, emotional, and spiritual limitations, and allowing our personal perspective to evolve. We identify the untruths we tell ourselves which defend our current realities so we can adopt the truths that will nurture us and make us whole. 

I realize the process is simply stated and does not capture the large amount of spiritual energy it takes to create, but this is part of our life’s journey. It is part of the process in evolving into higher spiritual beings. From personal experience, I can say the continuing journey is not only amazingly rewarding, but as with all things, the more you practice the process, the easier it becomes. 

Socrates said the un-examined life is not worth living.  I would like to add that the un-evolved spirit dooms one to a personal hell

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