My Second Job

Large Vase.  Approx 22″ tall

When I was getting my teaching certificate at Chicago State University, Alain Gavin told me when you’re trying to make a name for yourself in art it’s really like having two jobs. Your first job, your bread and butter job, allows you to eat and pay your rent. Your second job is your art. He said the hard part is when you come home tired from your first job, you have to have enough discipline to go to your second job.  I’ve talked to many artists and this seems to be the common experience.

I love the summer because my bread and butter job is on the back burner and I can concentrate on doing artwork. Right now is art fair planning season and I can’t help but to look forward to warmer days and art fairs. I will kick off the summer with the Park Ridge Art Fair.  In the meantime, while I’m waiting for the thaw, I’m making work that takes forever to do- the type of creative nonfunctional work that pushes my skill and my knowledge of my media.  

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