Resilient Spirit continued

Soda fired vase
One of my friends is a very patient soul.  He patiently waits his turn.  He patiently waits for people to call him back.  He patiently waits for things to change.
But what I fear is that he waits for a relationship to become healthy.  He waits for a change in his significant other’s demeanor. And he’s been waiting a very long time.  And as he waits, his soul is exposed to such negativity.  And now I think he’s become accustomed to his circumstance.  He’s endured a lot in his life and his soul is resilient.  But I know a relationship isn’t something you endure.  It’s something you enjoy.
How do I know?  I was there once.  Waiting.  Being patient.  Waiting.  And enduring.
And what’s the difference between he and I?  After four years, I got tired of waiting for things to change.  I got tired of not having my own spiritual needs not being met.  I got tired of never having time for my art because my needs were never acknowledged.  I got tired of feeling less than.  I got tired of enduring.  And I just got tired.

My friend is more patient than I am, but at what cost?

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