Choosing your reaction

One of the hardest times in my life is when my brother Eric died, and today is his birthday. When he passed he left with he left us with many gifts including the gift of a new friendship with Nathan, a better insight into other peoples pain, and lessons on generosity. 

Many many years ago I was friends with the person who was left very damaged by her brothers death. She was hateful and angry all the time. After a while I understood that she was unpleasant to be around. When my brother died I thought of her and I thought this will not devastate me. I dug my heels in and I refused to let the single event in my life change me so profoundly. It was a conscious decision to go through this event with more benefits than scars. I let this be Eriks gift to me.

Since then I’ve started to understand that many things in life are conscious decision. I see others who react because as they say they can’t help it.but in my brother’s death I understood many things in life are a conscious decision that can be helped. Even love. Even trust.

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